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Paint & decorating can be great fun but it needs plenty of careful planning and preparation to make sure that it is done correctly. Not to mention the preparation needed to keep the paint on the walls and not on the floors or skirting!

Our talented painters and decorators know exactly how much paint, plaster and wallpaper paste to apply for the smoothest and best looking finishes. They also take great care in laying down the necessary materials to keep the paint, plaster or paste from spoiling carpets, skirting and furniture.

Of course, decorating isn’t just about painting rooms, there are a whole range of tasks that can be done to freshen up and add character to your home or office. Our staff can undertake the majority of these including:

Sanding & Preparing
Filling Cracks
Gluing & Sealing
Paint Retouching
Wallpaper hanging
Putting up shelves/doors

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